Secured Failure Analysis Methodology for Accurate Diagnostic of Defects in GaN HEMT Technologies



III-V wide bandgap disruptive technology is positioned as a leader for high power components operating at high frequency or under switch mode conditions of operation. Further investigation to address elevated junction temperatures of these transistors would elevate the maturity of this technology to higher levels of performances. When considering analog RF applications, more than two decades of studies have laid the basis for the main technological process. However, if failure signatures and their associated defects become problematic and which are likely to be understood as individual problems, the global failure behavior in active high frequency analog devices still poses challenges which need to be overcome. This paper directly contributes to failure analysis studies on GaN technologies by providing a methodology for ensuring the validity of a stress analysis. This procedure is also suitable for a single stress test campaign, whereas several accelerated life tests are usually needed to separate concurrently proceeding effects. This methodology is based on the use of non-destructive and eventually destructive characterization techniques, as well as electrical TCAD modelling.

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