SGFreemium model: modeling solution for attaching a learner via Serious Games

By meftah chaimae, RETBI Asmaâ, BENNANI Samir, Khalidi Idrissi Mohammed


Recently, serious games have become a crucial strategy to improve e-learning. Nowadays, they play an important role in connecting the player and the learner to learning by having fun and retaining as much pedagogical information as possible. Consequently, it is necessary to extend the life cycle of an SG, enrich it with important pedagogical content, as well as an appropriate model that will increase the learner's performance and profitability and avoid the appearance Boring SG in the future. Therefore, to be able to attach a learner to a serious game, it is necessary to create a link between the game and the learner whatever its situation and its location. For this, we need to have a model that also manages the mobility of the player, and facilitates its displacement while transmitting pedagogical information.

In our article, we will discuss the effectiveness of serious games in the world of education. Then we propose a study on the Freemium model which we will adopt the notion of mobility in the SG and see its contribution on the evolution of learning through games. And we will discuss the strengths of the existing model that we intend to develop in future communications.

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International Journal of Information Science and Technology (iJIST) – ISSN: 2550-5114