Building Information Modeling (BIM) Framework, Potential and Challenges

By Hanane BOUHMOUD, Dalila Loudyi


Building information modeling is an emerging technology that is getting more extend worldwide. However, many operators still have limited knowledge about its real meaning and potential, which is considered as an important challenge to its implementation. Therefore, based on a survey involving 370 AEC operators, experts’ workshop and data collection, this study is handling the most impactful personal-related barriers: Lack of BIM awareness and its tangible benefits.

Hence, this paper consists on developing a synthetic framework of BIM concept summarizing all aspects of BIM (parameters, flaw, components, stockholders, tools, input and output) that would help the users to have a clear understanding of BIM. Moreover, it reveals the operational, economic, social and ecologic potential of BIM with supporting evidences and metrics. On the other hand, this study presents the different categories of BIM barriers and emphasizes their weights on BIM implementation over the world especially in Africa where BIM is still at early stage of development and is facing more challenges.

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