Parametric Study and Optimization of A Dual-BandFour Port Wilkinson Power Divider

By messaoud garah, Elhadi Kenane, Fadila Benmeddour


Among the most used power dividers in the field of telecommunications (antenna networks, mobile networks, radar system, satellite communications,military applications and even missile guidance) we can mention the Wilkinson power divider.In the present paper, a dual band Wilkinson power divider with four ways will be designed.

In order to investigate the relationship between the physical dimensions of the Wilkinson power divide rwith its characteristics in terms of operational frequency and bandwidth, a parametric study of a Wilkinson power divider will be presented.To design the dual band four-way Wilkinson power divider (WPD), ADS Momentum simulator is used. The simulator uses a genetic algorithm (GA) algorithm to optimize the structure of the proposed WPD.The proposed power divider is developed to achieve dual bands requirements of WLAN applications. To obtain these frequency specifications in the proposed WPD, many transmission lines sections are added. The transmission lines are printed on FR4 (Flame Resistant 4) substrate of dielectric constant εr of3.4 with loss tangent of 0.0023.The proposed circuit exhibits good characteristics at WLAN frequencies (2.45GHz & 5.8 GHZ) in terms of return loss and isolation.

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International Journal of Information Science and Technology (iJIST) – ISSN: 2550-5114