Smart Data LifeCycle as a process cartography

  • Mohammed EL ARASS Mohammed V University in Rabat EMI-SIWEB Team Rabat, Morocco
  • Nissrine SOUISSI


Data management is becoming increasingly complex, especially with the emergence of the Big Data era. The best way to manage this data is to dispose a data lifecycle from creation to destruction. This paper proposes a new Data LifeCycle (DLC) named Smart DLC that helps to make from raw and worthless data to Smart Data in a Big Data context. In order to do this, we have followed a method which consists firstly in identifying and analyzing the lifecycles from a literature review, and then in defining the phases of our cycle and finally in modeling it. The cycle is modeled as a process cartography resulting from the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the CIGREF framework to facilitate its implementation within companies. Smart DLC is qualified as a set of management, realization and support processes that could be addressed by an Information System urbanization approach. The advantage of modeling the phases such as processes is to be concerned not only with the technical activities but also with management, which is a major player for the success of the technique.
Feb 11, 2020
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EL ARASS, Mohammed; SOUISSI, Nissrine. Smart Data LifeCycle as a process cartography. International Journal of Information Science and Technology, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 1, p. 7 - 18, feb. 2020. ISSN 2550-5114. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 22 july 2024. doi: