A new Value Stream Mapping approach For the Moroccan Artisanal Enterprise

By Chouiraf Fatine, CHAFI ANASS


This paper discusses the Lean methodology of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in a handicraft enterprise with Make to order environment. Within a case study of a wood craft company, the method is applied and improved. The purpose of VSM is to initialize the lean transformation and to understand the value streams of a company as a basis for further improvements. The paper explores the current literature about VSM and also discusses the specific characteristics of a MTO environment and its limitations regarding the application of the current VSM methodology. Based on this, an adapted VSM procedure with a special focus on MTO or ETO small and medium craft enterprises is presented. This paper contains the steps to flow to build a current VSM in this environment with a new formulation to calculate the metrics point such as cycle times and setup times.

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