Failure correction of linear antenna arrays with optimized element position using Grey Wolf Algorithm

By Houcine Oudira, Nora Lakhlef, Christophe Dumond


The paper concerns the problem of monitoring linear antenna arrays using grey wolf optimization method (GWO). When an abnormal event (fault) affects an array of antenna elements, the radiation pattern changes and significant deviation from the desired design pattern can occur. In this paper, reconfiguration of the amplitude and phase distribution of the remaining working elements in a failed array is considered. This latter can improve the side lobe levels (SLL) and also maintain the null position. The main purpose of using the GWO technique is its ease of implementation and a high performance computational technique. To assess the strength of this new scheme, several case studies involving different types of faults were performed. Simulation results clearly have shown the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm to monitor the failure correction of linear antenna arrays.

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