Optimization of Suitable Propagation Model for Mobile Communication in Different Area

By Houcine Oudira, Lotfi Djouane, Messaoud Garah


In this paper, the most widely used empirical path loss models are compared to real data; the most appropriate one (COST-231) has been optimized using three different algorithms to fit measured data for mobile communication system. The performance of the adjusted Cost-231 model obtained by the proposed methods is then compared to the experimental data. The concert criteria selected for the comparison of various empirical path loss models is the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE). From numerical simulations, it was noticed a significant improvement in the prediction made by the proposed algorithm with a slight superiority of Invasive weed Optimization algorithm in term of lower RMSE value in one hand and in term of convergence speed on the other hand compared to PSO and ABC algorithm.

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